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Retirement is Not an Event. It’s a
Personal Revolution.

It’s time to reshape the way we think about retirement. For far too long, preparing for retirement has traditionally been about saving up for that “indulgent” dream lifestyle – golf games, fine wine and dine, grandkids’ birthday parties, travelling and so on. While all this sounds fabulous and are great goals to have, it also comes with a dark side. That dark side of traditional retirement, few dare to speak of, is the “crash after the honeymoon”. What happens when the “sugar rush” of buying the dream car wears off? What happens when you start to wonder if there’s more to retirement than the short-term thrill of the next golf game, fancy dinner, or vacation? How do you fill up this new void that comes after losing your career identity?

How do you find true purpose and long-term fulfillment in your retirement? ‘Retirement Dreammaker’ answers these questions with its brand new way of planning for retirement. With this book, you’ll no longer see retirement as an event marking the end of your career and contribution. Instead, you’ll open a brighter path for yourself by recognizing this new phase of life as the opportunity to pursue your passions — by your rules. With ‘Retirement Dreammaker’, you’ll have both the permission and practical path to transform retirement into an evolution of the new you.


Why this Revolution in retirement is critical for Humanity

A common frustration by retirees who formerly found purpose in their work is “I used to be someone important”. It is unsurprising then to find that anxiety and depression is common amongst retirees who now struggle to find meaning in their new life of leisure. Here are some shocking facts revealed by leading research:

  • Retirement increases your risk of clinical depression by 40% (Source: Institute of Economic Affairs May 2013)
  • Retirement raises your chances of being diagnosed with a physical condition by 60% (Source: Institute of Economic Affairs May 2013)
  • Divorce rates have doubled since 1990 for couples over 50 after suffering from what’s known as the “Retired Husband Syndrome” (Source: Bowling Green State University study)
  • Numerous studies suggest retirement can be a trigger to increased consumption of alcohol and drug abuse. The common reasons stated for turning to alcohol in retirement are: to cheer myself up, combat loneliness, relieve tension and counter boredom (Source: Next Avenue, 2017)
  • New retirees can be more vulnerable to suicide. One Canadian study revealed increase in the number of suicides by newly retired pensioners in Quebec (Source: PubMed, ‘Suicide at the Age of Retirement’, 1992 May;88(5):39-41)

This is a retirement CRISIS and it needs to change. That’s why a retirement revolution which helps you prepare for retirement both financially and emotionally is critical for ourselves, our families, our society, and for humanity at large.

What You’ll Learn in This Book

‘Retirement Dreammaker’ is a complete ‘how-to-book’ to help you plan for a financially secure future as your launchpad to go after your passions and enjoy an emotionally fulfilling retirement. In this book, you’ll find:

  • Inspirational examples of people who have reshaped their lives in retirement for more fulfillment
  • Financial tools and strategies to secure their retirement, giving you the permission to pursue your evolution and passion
  • The “3-bucket system” and the advantage of “Safe Money” plans
  • How you can leverage “the triangle of success”:
    • Abundance of skills and expertise developed from your career
    • Abundance of money you’ve saved and protected
    • Abundance of time
  • How “Safe Money” plans can give you permission to evolve in retirement
  • How to reinvent a new daily routine that can support your passions and dreams
  • How to develop stronger personal relationships with your spouse and family
  • Methods to develop and support greater personal growth and where to find it
  • How connection to technology can open you to new possibilities and the resources to help you get started
  • Inspiring stories of how the younger generation are leveraging technology to make the world a better place
  • Worksheets at the end of every key chapter to help you reflect, develop and execute the evolution of your retirement



Matthew Jackson

Matthew Jackson is a Retirement Planning Specialist, passionate to help people be their best – financially and personally, so they can live retirement to its fullest. For over 16 years, Matthew has served as an advisor to advisors – he has assisted attorneys, CPAs and financial advisors by designing comprehensive solutions to safeguard their client’s financial future. Today, Matthew has combined the best of his experience in the insurance industry and managed risk industry to help people plan their own unique revolutionary retirement future: one that is both financially secure in today’s economy, and emotionally fulfilling. Matthew is also a financial expert contributing author as seen on Money.com, Forbes.com, Fortune.com, US News, Annuity 123, Simple Dollar, and Credit.com.


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“From listening to personal clients, I believe boomers are looking for this type of information… I’ve not had one person say they would not see the benefit in a book like this.”

~ Matthew Jackson