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One Piece Of Advice You Will Want To Hear

Vishen Lakhiani (CEO and Mindvalley Founder) just got back from Necker Island and a private mastermind with Sir Richard Branson himself.

So whilst having a one-on-one dinner with Sir Richard Branson on one of his beaches, and spending over an hour talking about life, marriage, business and more, Vishen finally got to ask Branson a question that he always wanted to ask.

“Richard, there have been so many theories about what makes you tick. I mean the 300+ companies, taking the man to space, and all the other crazy epic things you do. But if YOU had to boil it down to ONE thing. Just one thing. What would your advice be?”


See Branson’s answer in this short post on Mindvalley Insights.

We will leave it to you to interpret Branson’s words in your own way! Share your comments and if you enjoyed reading the insight from Branson let us know by adding a LIKE to the post 🙂

*Note: the pic of Branson was taken by Vishen whilst Branson scribbled down ideas in his notebook during a brainstorming session.


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