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3 Reasons Why You Can Do Anything During Retirement

Thankfully, we are living during a time that we are literally writing the definition of what retirement means. No generation in the history of our world has the opportunities that the baby-boomers are enjoying. The baby-boomer generation is the wealthiest and healthiest retiree generation in human history.

For the first time in history, many of our boomers are faced with living 20 or more years in retirement. Furthermore, their ability to physically travel and digitally connect with others has never been better either.

With all of these advantages, I still hear baby-boomers commenting on their concerns about what to do with their time and money during retirement. Believe it or not, not many people are talking about how to re-create life in retirement and the challenges you’ll experience trying to do so.

It’s my belief, that when you have your finances secured and income guaranteed, you have the power to be the pioneers of your lives in retirement. So, what is available to you? Anything you can imagine for yourself! Now is the time to live the life you’ve imagined, in your mind’s eye. It’s going to take some introspection, but it is available to you! I’ll prove it to you!

The Triangle of Success

Contrary to popular belief, as a pre-retiree or retiree, I feel you are at the pinnacle of your life. The media and the corporate world want you to believe you have no more value, you lack connection to technology, you don’t have the energy to keep up, and you have no ability to learn new skills. Well, I think the naysayers are dead wrong!

As a pre-retiree or retiree, you are at the ultimate level in what I call the “Triangle of Success”.

The 3 reasons why you can do anything during retirement are simple and powerful. First, you should be at the absolute pinnacle in your personal and professional skills. Second, you have an ocean of time ahead of you for self-discovery/improvement and living a life true to yourself without “having” to work. Third, you should be at a time in your life of the most financial abundance you’ve ever experienced.

It does not matter what your career path was in the past. The fact is you have a significant advantage starting the 3rd chapter of life, compared to when you started your 2nd chapter of life (working life) with very little skills, almost no experience, and very little money.

Whether you’ve been a high-powered corporate professional or a homemaker, you have a skillset and that skillset is your base going forward. Don’t minimize your skills and experience, even if you feel like other people are more skilled than you. It’s not about measuring yourself next to others. This is about you, your skills, your experience and how you now are able to leverage them going forward, to help you live a life true to yourself, not how others want you to live your life.

Any obstacles you may have had in the past that prevented you from living a life true to yourself are just an illusion. You have the skills, you have the time, and you have the money to go after what you’ve delayed while working.

Now is your time to put all of these attributes together and let them work for you. The excuses of needing to accumulate more money, life skills and finding ways to create more time in your schedule in order to find fulfillment are over. All of the permissions you have been waiting for have been given to you. You have the green light to go live the life you’ve put off while working!

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