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Four Pitfalls You Need To Avoid During Retirement

Over the years, I’ve witnessed many retirees fall into the same pitfalls during retirement.  Although we live our lives independently, it seems the same pitfalls in retirement trap person after person.  Below are four of the most common pitfalls I see people falling into time and time again.

I’ve personally interviewed over 1000 retirees over the years and have observed retirees falling into pitfalls that lead to a retirement lifestyle lacking excitement, positive challenges, contribution in significant ways, personal growth and, ultimately, fulfillment.  Here are the four pitfalls you need to avoid during retirement…

1.Little social interaction (isolation)
2.Feelings that the best days are behind and gone.
3.You have no valuable contribution to make.
4.Lack of real purpose

Little social interaction can lead to isolation and depression and a weaker immune system.  One of the hardest things to do in retirement is to stay connected to others.  There a simple and effective ways to stay connected no matter if you feel isolated in a city of millions of people or live in an area with the next closest neighbor one mile away.

Many retirees have never been shown how they can continue to grow in retirement.  Without a clear idea of what lays ahead in retirement and how to create a fulfilling retirement, many retirees feel their best days are behind them.  I recommend you find ways to create the responsibility to others in a community you are interested in, to provide value to them, thereby creating self-worth and fulfillment for yourself.

The media is constantly showing messages of the “newest” and “latest”.  It’s hard for many retirees to not feel like their skills are outdated.  Have no fear.  Value does not come in the form of being able to fly the latest drone, operate the newest computer program or surf the internet at lightning speed.  The wisdom retirees have gained from years of experience needs to be shared and are valuable to anyone who shares the same interests.  That’s the trick…share your value with those who have the same interests.

By finding or creating a community of like-minded people during retirement and contributing to their growth and development retirees can create purpose.  A sense of purpose creates excitement for a new day and, ultimately, fulfillment in the response to a community that you are passionate about.

By avoiding these pitfalls, retirees can create more happiness and fulfillment in their life.


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