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Let’s huddle up and have a quick strategy session about Inspiration. I was recently thinking about inspiration and what it is that keeps me inspired. Is it one certain song in the morning or a particular speaker or person or place I want to be at in the future? For me, it’s not just ONE thing. It’s a combination of things.

Each day I find different things that motivate me to “be 1% better every day”. Here’s why. What inspired me to move and take action today, might not be the thing that resonates with me today. Today I may not need a lot to feel inspired. Tomorrow I may need to search high and low and be open to inspiration from any place I can find it.

Our need for inspiration is dynamic and always changing. If you find yourself bored with life, stuck in a rut and not motivated to get out of your comfort zone, try something new. Anything. Show up and playfully.

I was recently at an event with high achievers from all around the world. As I was meeting people at the event and developing connections, I noticed a common thread that seemed to connect everyone and influenced their success physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Before I reveal the common thread these high achievers shared, let me dive a little deeper with you. As I made my way into my new friend’s lives, I was curious to know about there retired parents. It was interesting to learn how many of these high achievers had parents that were high achievers in “retirement”. So much so, that some of them never really retired.

Many of my new friends shared stories of how their parents were in a constant state of motion. Always learning, growing, pushing, and playing with life. As I listened for the hidden message, I had a moment of discovery.

The common thread shared by the high achievers I connected with was the same thread I heard running through the stories that were shared about parents. I believe this one thing provides the spark of inspiration. It’s the origin of new beginnings, the cure for boredom.

The common thread shared by all of these high achievers, regardless of age, income level, religious belief, color, nationality is…. curiosity. Everyone seemed to have a burning curiosity in their heart. They’re the people that wonder what is around the next bend, over the next ridge, behind the closed door.

This curiosity helps them to stay in an inspired state of learning. They are constantly exploring the world, people, places, and experiences around them. Always playing fully.

It’s available to you too. Curiosity is free. It’s not reserved for the wealthy, the person of a certain color, or nationality, or mindset. You can tap into it freely. Curiosity beats boredom, apathy, anxiety, and isolation.

I’m constantly searching for inspiring people, events, achievements, music, and art. There is so much inspiration out there. If you’re bored and apathetic about life, get into that child-like state of curiosity. Pick any particular topic of what interests you. Make that your starting point. Go after what comes to you easiest and dive deep into the subject. Have fun.

Thanks for staying with me through this strategy session. I’m curious to know what you’re curious about. Leave a comment about how curiosity has inspired you to be 1% better every day!

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